05 January 2014


A big bowl of mussels bathed in white wine, butter and garlic?  No, not with butter but olive oil.   It's both easy and quick for festive season.  

The "beard" is the fibrous hairy thing hanging from one side of the tasty bivalve. Pull it off with a side-to-side motion. soak the mussels in cold water and change every 20 minutes till ready to cook. This lets the bivalves expel any grit.  Finally, scrub them under the tap.

Fry garlic and fresh red chillies in olive oil till fragrant.  Add in mussels and give a quick stir.  Pour in white wine and seasonings.  Cover cook for 5 mins over high heat.

This watermelon salad is cool and refreshing, combining fresh mint, pickled artichokes and crumbled feta cheese in lime juice.  This salad is light and sweet, with a perfect balance between fruit and vegetables.

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