18 March 2012


Amongst all Crystal Jade Shanghai restaurants we like to frequent the one at Changi Airport Terminal 3 as the standard of food is the best among all other branches.  We had our dinner there on the eve of 2nd daughter's departure to Sydney and as her flight was at 1am we had plenty of time to dine at leisure.   The queue for seats was long and we had to wait for almost half an hour to secure one.

Eight treasures tea   -  a cooling drink

Let the tea infuse for 10 minutes to obtain full flavor

The deep fried bean curd was crunchy and fully absorb the delicious sauce

A big bowl and tasty szechuan noodles to share.  The smell of it aggravate the salivary gland

Another tempting dish to dig in

Dumplings sat in a pool of tantalizing chilli oil

Finally cups of tea to pass the time and aid digestion

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