17 March 2012


There were balance of cranberries bought during Christmas.  To use them up and to free up my freezer I turned them into jam.

Sterilize the jam bottles, dry thoroughly and put inside low temperature oven (50C) till ready for use.  Put a small plate in the freezer for later use.

Get ready ingredients : cranberries, pear juice and sugar. (Sorry no exact measurement as I cook by instinct).

Boil cranberries, juice and sugar, taste along the way and add sugar to your preferred sweetness

Start to stir when boiling and cranberries produce "pop pop' sound

Skim off foam as you stir and boil till liquid becomes thick.

To test whether jam is set do a wrinkle test.  Scope a tablespoon of jam into the small plate that was put in the freezer earlier.

Wait for a few seconds for it to cool.  The jam on the plate should not slide off but should wrinkle.  The jam is ready for bottling.

Pour hot jam into sterilized jar and tighten lid.  Place bottles upside down and let it cool.  The jam should be refrigerated once open.

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