31 March 2012


Pu-Tien is one of our favorite restaurants beside Crystal Jade at Takashimaya.  We not only love their simple & homely food and also it does not burn a hole in the wallet.  The branch at Parkway Parade is much bigger, in terms of floor space, than other branches. 

This is definitely a must tried dish.  The big intestines are without porky smell and full of bites.

Savory crunch pork floss without sogginess were these deep fried egg-plants.  Cannot stop munching.

Herbal prawn soup full of Chinese herbs flavor.  This is tasty than the pigeon soup which is on the rough side.

Hot spicy sauce a good condiment to the side dishes.  A bottle always accompany us home.

One of the best among the list of vegetables

Tasty soupy mee-sua comparable to the dry fry

Fruity sweet porky

Signature dessert - Sweet creamy pumpkin puree with ice-cream. Order early as it runs out fast

Thick pumpkin puree with big scope of vanilla ice-cream

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