10 March 2012


Many good reviews about Antoinette through blogs and words of mouth so a reservation was made for mother and daughters to have a leisure lunch on a weekday. 

Former Les Amis Group Pastry Chef Pang Kok Keong set up shop in Perhas Street, although out of way but near Lavender MRT station.  The restaurant facade which exude grandeur is in contrast with surrounding shops.

Once through the door you are welcome by a display of exquisite cakes, pastries and colorful candies

A Victorian deco interior with lovely chandeliers

Shiny cutlery and monogrammatic napkin

Seafood Gratin  -  mussels, prawns and squids drowned in creamy sauce with baguette to soak up the last drop

Stuffed Chicken Leg  -  firm and meaty with crispy skin goes well with lovely brown sauce and mushrooms

Royale Crepe with savory ham

Crepe Florentine with creamy hollandaise sauce fill with ham and cheese

Tender beef in red wine with creamy mashed potatoes and crispy french beans

A selection of enticing cakes.

Earl Grey tea milk chocolate mousse.  Raspberry Coulis pierced open to release flow of red lava - Antoinette's signature cake

Tarte Cafe Caramel  -  fleur de sel with coffee and caramel

Le Royale  -  A mix of dark chocolate mousse, hazelnut almond feullitine, almond meringue, chocolate genoise and dark rum results in flavor combination of bitterness and sweetness

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