03 December 2011


Great Wall frog porridge in Chinatown is well-known and popular. The place is always crowded and parking is a hassle as all parking space is always full.

We like to find a seat along the pavement which feels that you are in the 60s era where food were sold along the road side.

The porridge is served in claypot, steaming hot with thick slices of ginger and spring onions.  The frogs tasted fresh and springy with thick flesh.

Sampan porridge is full of ingredients : fresh cuttlefish, pig intestines, liver, pork slices and century eggs.

Claypot livers are tender coated with thick brown gravy and spicy from the dried chillies.

Porridge cannot go without raw fish.  Super fresh with lots of fresh ginger, lime juice, soya sauce and sesame oil.

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