10 December 2011


We adjourned for dessert after frog porridge dinner.  Across the street in Temple Street is a popular Chinese dessert shop where the queue never ends and seats are hard to get during weekends.  Besides selling dessert they are also famous for their FARMER BRAND peanuts which is popular with both local and tourists.  The peanuts are recognized for its excellent quality in freshness and flavor.

A large poster depicting ingredients in making the various desserts which are nourishing to the body, moderate body temperature, quench thirst and regulate digestive system.

Clockwise : Walnut paste (核 桃 糊),  Peanut paste (花 生 糊),  Almond paste (杏 仁 糊)
Thick and creamy, soothing to the throat

Sweet and sourish mango with pamelo and sago (杨 枝 甘 露)

Berry & passion snow ice - Fluffy and cooling

65-67 Temple Street

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