24 April 2011


Harry's Cafe de Wheels was popular known as Woolloomooloo pies as it was originally operated near the front gates of the Woolloomooloo naval dockyard.  Its truck cart was in operation in a remote dockyard near King's Cross as I remembered when we were there in the 1990s, seeking it out for its famous pie.

20 years later it has branches all over Australia and one of its branches is situated at Haymarket near to the hotel where we stayed, at the corner of George Street, outside entrance of Capitol Square Shopping Centre.

Harry's Cafe is Australian icon famous for its pies, which also includes hot dogs.  A portion is large enough to be shared by two. 

At breakfast time we ventured out there for a morning nostalgia of pie and hotdog which we have missed. 

Chicken & Mushroom Pie

Chunks of chicken meat with fresh mushroom and cream

House Special - Smoked Frankfurt

Filled with mushy peas, chilli con carne and garlic onions with cheese sauce and chilli sauce

The place is opened till 4am on Fridays and Saturdays. Given the choice I rather venture there during the day given the place is full of drunkenness at night, and next to a watering hole, Paddy Maguires Pub.

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