23 April 2011


At the road end of Chinatown is a franchised Taiwanese dessert house Meet Fresh, which we accidentally chanced upon when touring the place to hunt for food.  It is the only outlet in Sydney that I encountered while there.

A shop with 2-floor seatings.  More seats are available on top floor while the ground floor offers only seats of 3-4 tables with an order counter occupied more than three-quarter space.  There is always a long queue with mostly students from nearby universities, a good place for meeting up and cooling off from the heat.

Takeaway and eat-in orders are taken and pay at the counter.  A number is given and orders collected when your number is being flashed on the screen.

Wall with displays of dessert descriptions and benefits of ingredients that go into the making of the desserts.

Black Pearl Balls+Glutinous Cake+Starch Noodles in herbal sweet syrup

Grass Jelly+Starch Noodles +Sweet Potato Balls in sugar syrup

Taro Balls+Red Beans+Yam+Pearl Balls

I prefer the hot over cold dessert as the flavor is more robust, moreover with mashed thick taro gives a thicker soup

How I like the chewiness of the taro and sweet potato balls

There are hundred selections which I wished I have ample time to savor each and every one of them but not to be as our stay is short.  Hope to return in future to try other flavors.  How I wish there is a franchise in Singapore to satisfy my crave.

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