02 April 2011


Just a short walk from central station and buzzing both day and night, Darling Harbour hosts entertainment venues, a multitude of shops, eateries and restaurants.  A large park and playground extends from the station to the Harbour Side find families enjoying their evening walk in the cool breeze along the promenade.

Harbour Side is Darling Harbour main shopping mall which opens daily till 9pm

The mall consists of boutiques, specialty stores and dining venues

Enjoy people watching and smell of the ocean at the Jordons Seafood Restaurant

Spectacular view of the city skyline

A very popular place with no reservations.  Queue formed as early as 6pm.  While waiting for a seat one can enjoy a drink at the bar counter

Fire grills behind the bar offers a feast to the eyes

Waited 45 mins for seats and ordered ice cool lemon bitter lime.  It was very dark and no good for photo shooting.  Numerous tries managed to shoot some blur pictures.

Crispy hot garlic bread with strong garlic aroma.  Good starter to warm the stomach.

Fresh and gigantic mushrooms fried in garlic and sprinkle with salt.  A tasty appetizer.

A big slab of tender juicy ribs

Good company of jacket potatoes in rich cream sauce

Moist tender lamb slab with no gamey smell

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