13 November 2010


My DH is typical China man as he always request for Asian food.  Only once a while that he  indulges in international cuisine, on our firm request (5 against 1, hehe).  During weekends we usually take brunch but likely ended up eating noodles, rice or dim sum, which is his favorite.

There is no lack of good food since we reside in the east, be it in coffee shops, cafes or restaurants.  Royal cafe is the place we frequent often and they food we enjoy which I had blogged about at http://makan-mania.blogspot.com/2009/08/royals-cafe.html.

Below were one of the brunches that I had forgotten about after going through the photos.   

Each course came with 2 slices of wheat bread, slightly toasted, with butter and jam

Mushroom omelette with harsh brown.  A substantial amount.

Omelette with ham and french toast. 

Club sandwiches with coleslaw and potato chips.  The fillings are egg with creamy mayonnaise and ham with tomatoes and lettuce. 

A good glass of ginger mint tea to aid digestion

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