05 November 2010


To celebrate my youngest girl's birthday, I decided to bake something other than a cake.  A pie as a birthday cake instead and it was a peach pie.

Sweet pastry, canned peaches in syrup - cut into slices, 500ml fresh milk, 120ml peach syrup, 4 egg yolks, 125g sugar, 30g cornflour, 3 gelatin sheets and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Soak gelatin in peach syrup till soft and boil till gelatin melts.  Set aside
Whisk yolks and sugar together with cornflour, add in milk slowly and mix thoroughly
Bring mixture to boil over low heat, stirring till thicken and add in gelatin syrup
Pour mixture over baked pie and leave to cool Arrange peaches over custard Pour a thin layer of gelatin (boil 1 gelatin sheet with 30ml peach syrup) over it and keep refrigerate

Happy Happy Birthday !  A Birthday Pie

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