27 February 2010


Chinese New Year is the festive season for feasting and drinking.  During this period when you feast well signify that you will not go hungry for the whole year.

How about dining high and revolve round the sky - Prima Revolving Restaurant which serves delicious Cantonese cuisine and an old legend.

Appetizer bites before the feast

Colorful and bountiful gems waiting for Kingfisher

Melt in the mouth egg whites sharkfins consume with dash of vinegar and soya sauce.

Crispy onion pancakes - Fragrant but salty and oily

Refresh palate with sharksfin broth

Peking duck wraps

"Duck meat fried with beansprouts and celery - meat was too dry

Lettuce wrap for the duck meat

Crispy and tender fish to accompany by sea salt and sweet-hot sauce

Mayonnaise prawns

Broccoli with abalone, sea cucumber and mushroom

Tasty glutinous rice with wax meat but too full to consume much

Refreshing and sweet longan with sea coconut to end the meal

A shot of Sentosa IR night scence

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