12 February 2010


To celebrate one of the children's birthday we had dinner at Crystal Jade Kitchen.  Everyone opted for a 6-course set meal.

Appetizer - Roast duck and sea cucumber

Appetizer - fresh vegetables and scallop

Appetizer - Char siew and fried scallop

Succulent and melt in the mouth char siew and crunchy jellyfish

Deep fried crispy scallop

Double-boil sharkfin in chicken broth

Sharkfin with mushroom and egg white

Abalone with broccoli and sea-cucumber in rich stock

Pan-fried crayfish in chilli and tomato sauce

Fried cod fish and vegetables

Stew pork and spinach

Vermicelli in rich fish broth and fish balls

Seafood mee-sua

Dessert - Hot double boil hashma with red dates and lotus seeds

Almond and avocado jelly with longan

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