21 February 2010


Meeting up with friends usually falls on festive season and during the lunar new year.   Usually we will meet up during one of the festive weekends and this year it falls on an auspicious day which is the "Common Man's Birthday", traditionally the 7th day when everyone grows one year older.   It is also the day when most households toss yusheng and make wishes for continued wealth and prosperity.

We went to NUSS club "The Scholar" at Kent Ridge to celebrate.

Tradition Cantonese yusheng

Plentiful salmon fish with enough oil and plum sauce which make the delicious salad

Extra helpings

Braised sharks' fin with dried scallops, crab meat and golden mushroom

Crispy roast chicken with favourite keropok eaten with pink sea salt

Fresh steamed sea bass

Braised shell abalone and dried oysters in beadcurb skin with lettuce

Chilled mango cream with sago

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