06 February 2010


Took leave to make pineapple tarts.  I prefer to make than buy as home-made ones taste good, not too sweet and with more fillings.

The tarts are bottled and to be given to close friends and relatives

I make the dough without adding egg and it turns out crispy - 350g plain flour, 250g unsalted butter (I used dutch butter although more expensive at $4.50 per 250g), 2 tbsp icing sugar, 20g cornflour, 20g custard powder, ice water to mix in the flour mixture till dough come clean together.

Mould dough into shape

Manual pinch the design.  Place dough in oven for 3 mins and put in pineapple fillings.   Bake till fragrant.

Cool completely before putting into bottles

1 comment:

  1. These would be totally addictive.

    Beautiful presentation.