12 November 2009


Nothing beats doing things together as a family, create a strong bondage.

A trendy and neat cafe patronize by youngsters.  A set meal with addition of $5 includes a drink and soup, and each main meal comes with 2 types of side vegetables.

Ice Lemon Tea - Our favourite

Mushroom Cream Soup - A bit bland but with bits of mushroom

Minestrone Soup - Tangy and thick, appetizing

  Coffee Ribs - Tender with coffee aroma, sides of creamy potatoes and saffron rice

Chicken Treasure - grilled chicken in brown sauce with potato salad and mushroom

Herbal Salmon - Grilled salmon in salsa sauce

Salmon Risotto - Flavorful with chunks of salmon

Wild Mushroom Pasta - fresh mushroom and tender asparagus

Lastly dessert to die forApple Tumble - Apple cheesecake with raspberry sauce

Awaken your taste bud and cannot stop eating

Passion Mousse - Cheesecake encased in a thin layer of orange mousse

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