18 April 2009


Markets in Hong Kong operate the whole day, from dawn to 8pm at night.  Most of the people marketing twice a day, early in the morning before they go to work or after work.  The produce are very fresh, especially seafood (alive and swimming in tanks) and meat.

One of the market places is Hong Kong High Street, near Pokfulam.  The stalls are situated by the side of the road which slope all the way down to the main street.  Part of the streets are closed to traffic.  Beside the stalls there is a supermarket nearby, plus cafes and restaurants.  It is a convenient place to live, with buses to central district and downtown.  The Hong Kong University is situated at upper street, where you can find banks, schools, hospitals, shops and more eating places.

Market at Jordan Street, Kowloon where we went for our morning breakfast.

The popular stall which caters to office workers and housewives who enjoy a cup of tea and dim sum after marketing nearby.

The stall is famous for its century egg porride. I ordered bowls of soft bone with preserved vegetables and century egg porridge.

A bowl of century egg porridge for my daughter.  The boss is so kind to add in preserved vegetables. Besides dim sum they also offer set western breakfast.

Busy market at sunset.

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