05 April 2009


Coffee is not our cup of tea but using coffee in cakes and desserts is our favorite.  There is no exact measurement in making it as I believe agar agar is easily set.

1 packet of agar agar strips
3/4 medium size pot water
6 tbsp instant coffee powder (for 2 portions)
1 bowl thick santan (coconut milk - divide into 2 portions)

Boil agar agar till melted and add in sugar
Divide liquid into 3 parts
Dissolve coffee powder in 1st part of liquid
Stir in thick coconut milk in another 2nd part of agar agar liquid
Last portion - add in coffee powder and coconut milk and mix well
Slowly pour in coconut portion when the portion is slightly set
Do the same for the coffee portion

Refrigerate till set

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