24 October 2014


After visited the Xia Museum we continued to the imperial tombs which is a distance away.  We walked through a tree filled pathway towards the open plain where the tombs are.  The place is one of the largest and best preserved imperial graveyards in China.  They are located on the eastern slope of the Helan Mountain range, just south of the Gunzhong Pass. About 17,000 m² so far have been excavated, and efforts are continued to preserve the remains of this mysterious area.

A large marble sign indicating the tomb entrance.  A nice seat to cool oneself in such scorching weather.

The West Xia Imperial Tombs, are shaped like giant beehives and dot the valleys of the region.  In the entire tomb area, there are 9 massive mausoleums, along with 250 lesser tombs.  The mausoleums hold the remains of the imperial leaders of the Western Xia Dynasty.

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