19 October 2014

Autumn Festival Dinner

Autumn Festival is a big day in China.  They celebrate grandly by decorating the streets with lights and laterns, live telecast of variety show over all China from Beijing for the night.  On the night of the festival we had a grand dinner with extras of la mian (noodles) and mooncakes. 

We were given a demonstration on the making of noodles.  The chef began making the dough, by kneading and pulling.  With the right consistency he cut the dough into pieces and with each piece he pulled, twisted and turned till they were of long equal strands.  The noodles will then pass on to the next chef to cook and serve in beef broth, with added vegetables and beef cubes. 

At the end of the meal a plate of mini moon cakes were served. The moon cakes were savory in taste, filled with minced meat, different from our sweet varieties.

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