22 March 2014


Awfully Chocolate East Coast branch was in old Katong Mall.  When the mall was rebuilt the shop moved across the street and set up shop at the junction of Choo Jiat and East Coast Road, corner shop of the row of two-storey terraces along Katong.  The new shop offers a wide range of bistro dinning.  The ambience is warm and have selected seating arrangement for smaller and larger groups.  The service was ok but the food is priced on the high side

Sourish sweet agar agar drink.  A good drink on a scorching day

Laksa tagliatelle - Modern dish with local influences.  The prawns were grilled to perfection with heads intact and the curry leaves provided strong flavor to the dish. 

Pan seared pink salmon fillet served with al dente linguine bathed in tomatoe pasta sauce with fresh dill

Aglio Olio with yummy mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and asparagus in miso paste.  The dish was light in taste

Definitely dessert to conclude the meal.  Their famous stacked chocolate cake with chocolate ice-cream

Go light on full stomach with their citrus infused moist cake

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