26 October 2013


Sydney is a raining city in June. With its overcast sky and strong wind the best place to hide from the unpleasantry is the interlinked shopping malls and cafes.  While shopping in QVB we dropped by Old Vienna Coffee House to have hot drinks and desserts to wait out the rain. 

The Old Vienna Coffee House is lavish and traditional in decor.  Looking up at the chandeliers make ones feel you are at a ballroom.  Good atmosphere to linger with soft entertaining music

Classic stylish menu

A hot cup of Macchiato

Orange Pekoe Irish breakfast tea

Lemony crepe to go with lemon ice-cream

Cherry Strudel - Filled with luscious cherries and velvety smooth custard sprinkled in icing sugar

Rich chocolate mud cake in heavy chocolate frosting

Rain stopping while the sun going down and time for dinner

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