27 October 2013


After waiting out the rain we proceeded to dinner at the nearby Thai restaurant in Capital Square, where we had eaten when we were last there.  The place was not full as it was still early.  We ordered light dishes as we were still full from afternoon tea in Old Vienna Coffee House.

Papaya Salad

Raw Crab Salad  -  With fear of having a bad stomach afterwards I was a bit hesitated at eating it at first.  But it turned out fine

Crispy Soft Shell Crabs

Sour and Spicy Tom Yum Soup

No matter how full we were a meal is not complete without ending with desserts.

Delicious dessert but cannot recall what is it - durian or jackfruit?

Colorful rice balls in creamy coconut milk.  The balls were filled with rich gula melaka coconut fillings

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