28 September 2013


Eating local classical food in a laid back 50s style eatery with music playing from the bygone era

Paper menu with a short selection of hot savoury dishes, drinks, hot and cold desserts and ice-cream

Order food through checklist and payment makes at the cashier

Yesterday dish  -  Fried crullers with prawn paste

Excellent Kato Rice (Singapore scissor-cut curry rice)

Chicken curry rice  -  a let down by the thin curry

D24 Durian Pengat  -  too sweet for my liking

Hot Bobur Cha Cha  -  The thin coconut milk did not bring out the flavour and lack of glutinous balls

Gula melaka soft jelly with coconut milk, a silky smooth concoction

Sago pudding  -  long time favourite.  Not too sweet even with the addictive dose of gula melaka

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