26 February 2011


Why I blog?  There are many discussions on blogs recently on this topic.   The reasons are many, interests, earning extra revenue, and broaden network.  

I blog due to interest in food and to document the food I cook and eat.   With time I have developed an interest in photography.  Traffic flow and extra revenue is never a reason.  With a blog there is a motivation to cook more and discover ways of presenting food.

Nothing beats a dessert after a meal.

450ml thick cream, 150ml whole milk, 100g sugar, 500g pink guava, pureed, 7 gelatine leaves

Soak gelatine leaves in iced water until softened.
Meanwhile heat cream, milk, sugar and guava puree over low flame
When mixture is warm  add in softened gelatine leaves and whisk for 3 mins till combined
Divide into moulds and fridge until set

Due to laziness I used store-bought guava juice instead fresh guava which resulted in a creamy color instead of a nice pink color.  The receipt is adopted from pastry chef Janice Wong of 2am Dessert featured in February issue of Good Food magazine.

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