13 February 2011


There is another round of feasting due to my daughter's birthday which happens to fall on the lunar new year this year.  With so many positive recommendations of the Cafe De Hong Kong at Balestier Road we booked a table to celebrate the occasion.

Kicked off the meal with "Loi Hei" yu sang

Pouring for Prosperity

Claypot rice with wax duck, pork & liver sausages.  The thick crust at the bottom of the pot was fragrant and good exercise for the jaw

Body warming mutton stew. 

Eat while pipping hot to avoid gamey smell when cold

Crispy and juicy giant prawns coated with salted yolk and pumpkin gravy

Thick luscious sea cucumber braised with mushrooms.  Bite into a mushroom filled your mouth with juicy flavorsome gravy

Signature dish - Roast chicken

Thin crispy skin with tender flesh

A meal cannot end without dessert - Mango pudding full of mango

Evaporated milk enhance flavor of the pudding

The more the merrier

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