24 January 2011


Had been busy preparing for the lunar new year which is only less than 2 weeks away.  Went shopping at Vivo City on Sunday and ended up having dessert and follow-up by dinner there.

Honeymoon Dessert is based in Hong Kong and they had set up store in Singapore.  The place at Vivo is not very big as the kitchen occupies a large area leaving a L-shape space with less than 30 tables.  It is always crowded with long queue waiting for seat. 

A busy kitchen

Red Beans Soup Grass Jelly

Double Boiled Papaya With Almond

The fungus was crunchy and sweet papaya

The mango was sour. Not a good choice

We proceeded to dinner at Crystal Jade Harbour Front which is 2-door away from the dessert shop.

BBQ Combination

Bitter Gourd with Duck  -  A salty dish

Vegetables with Tofu, Scallops and Bamboo Pith

Fried Rice with Ginger and Salted Fish - Full of wok hei

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