16 October 2010


Nothing is better than having a leisure dinner with colleagues after a day's work.  When one of our lunch partners' birthday fell on the weekday , we celebrated for her in Zhou's Kitchen at Anchorage Point.

Crunchy vegetable pickles, not too sour

Cold platter - wine chicken, spinach balls, meat roll and fried crispy tofu

The spinach ball was fragrant and full of flavor.  The tofu with outer crispy skin and inner texture silky soft

Delicious and bubbling nam yue (preserved) vegetable tang hoon pot.  A good dish to go with rice

Peking duck already sliced to be eaten with crepe

Pumpkin paste and salted egg prawns.  We mistaken that only salted egg was the only ingredient but turned out that mashed pumpkin was one of them. 

A must dish for longevity - fried mee suan.  Very well cooked, not soggy

Duck meat from Peking duck stir fried with bean sprouts.  The bean sprouts were fried well and still remain its crunchiness

Dessert to start off with longevity buns

Mango mochi, soft and chewy. 

Red bean pancakes - crispy and sweet

Very well done

The only setback is that the dishes tend to arrive too fast.

We adjourned to another place for further "discussions" and desserts

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