02 October 2010


My great interest is watching Hong Kong TVB Cantonese serials. Whenever they are being broadcast on local channels I will not miss.  However sometimes the broadcasting time coincides with my cooking or dinner time, and in order not to miss any parts of the show I will cook food that can be eaten conveniently in front of the box.  Quiche is one of the convenient food.

Pastry can be prepared ahead and put in the fridge till ready to use.  For this vegetables quiche, I include 1 big onions, half a leek, preserved artichokes in brine, fresh mushrooms and 6 pieces of cheese tofu, slice in half.  Mix all fillings together and season with salt, mirin and pepper.

The size of the pie pan is 8 inch and so 7 eggs is needed.  Beat eggs well and mix in 2 tablespoon of thick cream.  Pour over filling and bake in medium hot oven (for my oven I use 120 degree) till egg fillings set

Pie is ready when skewer comes out clean

Accompany pie with a bowl of hot soup and enjoy the show

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