23 May 2010


It was fate that brought us together as colleagues and friends.  For your further career advancement that we had to say goodbye.  No matter how much fun and frustrations we endured during your 4 years with us our friendship will never cease.  Hope you enjoyed the ala carte dinner buffet spread we had specially selected for you at Noble House.

Pickle cucumbers - 涼 瓜

Complimentary dish Double-boiled sharkfin's soup with chicken and cabbage heart - 菜膽雞燉翅
Full of flavour

Noble House barbecued meat platter - 金玉滿堂摒盆
Delicious mix

Chilled conch meat - 秘汁凍螺肉
Appetizing side dish

Complimentary Dish Crisp-fried beancurd skin served with pancake - 湖南烤素方
Nothing fantastic

Braised sliced sea abalone and mushrooms with lettuce in oyster sauce - 北菇海鮑片扒時蔬 

Wok-fried Kelong crab with chilli sauce - 辣椒炒螃蠁
Not spicy only tomato sauce flavour.   Not worth ordering, crabs small size

Sauteed diced chicken and dried chilli - 宮保雞丁 

Braised broccoli with crab meat and golden mushrooms - 鮮蠁肉金菇扒時蔬
Too messy, to order lettuce instead

Stir-fried french beans with minced chicken - 雞末干扁四季豆
Bland.  Disappointed

Crisp-fried prawns with oats - 麥片蝦 (bland)

Pan-fried oyster omelette - 蚝煎蛋 (Soggy

Wok-fried venison with black pepper - 黑椒鹿肉

Fresh salmon sashimi - 日式三文魚刺身 (Very fresh and ordered 2 rounds)

Double-boiled pigeon soup served in bamboo tube - 湖南竹鴿盅 (Thick stock)

Braised pork belly with salted fish served in claypot - 咸魚花腩煲 (Too salty)

Special roast chicken - 金牌一品雞

Braised beancurd and sea cucumber with spicy sauce - 麻辣海蔘豆腐 (Bland)

Sauteed cuttlefish with XO - 极品醬爆花枝 (Delicious)

Deep-fried tempura prawns - 天婦羅炸蝦

Fried lettuce with preserved beancurd paste - 椒絲腐乳炒西生菜 (Flavorful, ordered 2 plates)

Chilled mango pudding - 香芒凍布丁 (Solid and sourish)

Ice cream puff - 冰淇淋夾心酥

Chilled herbal jelly served with honey - 龜靈膏

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