08 May 2010

燙 點 王

Having spent half an afternoon on cake-baking class at Shermay's Cooking School dinner was done at Suntec City.  After a brief hiatus from the place for months there were numerous new restaurants mushrooming in the vicinity.  With much selections we settled for Chinese cuisine in a brand new (to us) soup restaurant.

"Soup King" greetings at the entrance

Spectacular roof display of Chinese lanterns which gives the place a warm and soothing feel

A must choice - Soup (Pear with Chinese herbs)

The soup tasted great with lots of ingredients.  The fragrance and sweetness indicate long hours of boiling

Deep fried soft-shell crabs, crispy and tender with a hint of spiciness

Drunken chicken in thin slices, but juicy and tender with wine aroma

Dry wanton noodles in spicy chilly sauce.  Prawn dumplings were big and substantial in number.  Noodles were soft and not springy

DH favourite  -  crispy skin and tender meat

Almond milk pudding  -  Bland

For the eyes only

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