07 March 2010


We were to climb a section of the the Great Wall of China - Juyongguan Pass (聚傭關).  It is located 20 kilometers north of Changping County, about 60 kilometers of Beijing.   It is a renowned pass of the Great Wall of China and is a national cultural protection unit situated in a valley surrounded by mountains.

Juyongguan Pass has long been a military stronghold.  This pass has fewer tourists and is more quiet, and the place is well maintained in its original state.  Some sections of the pass are so run down that it had being closed off.

The main gate to the pass - "The World First Great Pass".

The overview of the whole pass, which has 5 sections with its steep peaks and broken bricks, and the steepest to climb is S4.  Fortunately the weather was fine with no strong wind.

The pass opposite the Juiyongguan which is longest and steepest.   Hope to climb at the next visit.

Leisure and easy climb

2nd section

A lot gave up at the 3rd section as the 4th section is too steep to attempt

Hurray, managed to reach the top tower in less than the 3-hour given time

A panoramic view of the whole place at the top.  A word of caution, when climbing down hold on to the railing and do not lend over as the railing height is only up to your lower waist as not careful can topple to your death.

"Have not being to the Great Wall is not a Hero" as the tablet says.

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  1. Yaayyy! Good for you!

    I am looking at your header with the singer sewing machine. My aunt had one just like it. Do they make those anymore?