10 August 2009


Ah Bua is my favorite kueh, which only can be found at some Hainanese eateries.  Killiney Road Kopitiam is one of them but they only sell the kueh in the afternoon, which I always miss when we went for breakfast, and is open-face fillings.  I prefer the ones with fillings enclosed and I got to taste it at YY Cafe in Liang Seah Street, which sold traditional Hainanese food.

Enclosed fillings of shredded coconuts, ginger and peanut with melted gula melaka.

Fillings coated outside the kueh

Toasted soft fuffy roti with thick slices of butter - enough for lunch

As we were already half full from consumption of the kueh and bread we only ordered 1 or 2 more dishes.

Deep fried tofu with kai-lan

White tender juicy chicken

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