03 August 2009


Outing is usually a family affair but once a while going out with my children on a one-to-one basis helps to communicate and to forge a closer relationship.

During the June school holiday I brought my 3rd daughter to Bakerzin at Tampines Mall for lunch. They have a set lunch promotion but we opted for a la carte

The restaurant is medium size with a full case display of their popular cakes and desserts, which attracts a long stream of customers non-stop. By lunch time the place was almost full and service was slowed due to lack of manpower

The potato-leek soup was flavored by bits of bacon floating around amongst traces of whip cream which was not blended in thoroughly

The pumpkin soup was delicious with a hint of curry flavor, spicy and rich.

Open sandwich baguettes in 3 flavors - mushrooms, cheese & bacon and otak. The baguettes were toasted well, very crispy.

Ham & Egg Pasta with cheese. The egg was jingly poached to fragility.The pasta was deliciously mixed with lava of lusciously egg yolk

Sensuous pleasure resulted from piping hot luxurious chocolate pudding served with vanilla ice-cream.

Silken rich panna-cotta served in berry sauce with fresh raspberries and strawberries

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