31 December 2014


The wedding day of my eldest girl has finally arrived on 28th December.  Everything has been prepared and ready for the big day.

The house was fully decorated with flowers, buffet catering and extra chairs and table has been set up to cater for family and friends on the big day

An emotional farewell

The "beetle" was the bridal car and arrived at 8am to be received by youngest brother (cousin) of the bride

A whole suckling pig with basket of sweets and fruits were presented by the groom family.  The bride family to return the head and back of the pig plus half the sweets and fruits back

Poor groom and best men had to go through food torturing first.  Imaging vinegar coffee and eggs, pancakes and chicken wings to go with coloring sauce!

         Testing singing and manual dexterity

Buffet catering for friends and relatives

Serving glasses for tea ceremony when the pair returned at 12 noon

Dinner at Grand Hyatt Singapore with total of 25 tables by Groom and Bride Family

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