11 December 2014


The Hanging Wall lies on the side of the Black hill, which is 8 km away north from the fort of Jiayu Gateway, Gansu Province as part of the Jiayu Gateway defense system where the Great Wall ends.  Built in the year of Jiajing 18th, Ming Dynasty with the original length of 1.5 km.  Now there are only 750 meters remains with an inclination of 45 degrees.

From the distance, it seems that the wall has just been suspended on the back and is trying its best to break up the strains. The Great Wall winds its way thousands of kilo miles from east to west, passing many mountains. Gateways were built in the strategic places and soldiers garrisoned there to guard against enemy's invasion.

It was a pity that we do not have the time to climb to the top due to lack of time.  I would very much like to take up the challenge to compare the one in Beijing.

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