03 May 2014


Although there are may negative reviews about Hoshino Coffee in Plaza Singapura but they never fail to draw crowds.  We went for dinner after work one evening and rated the service and food moderate.  The place is too noisy to linger and talk.  Instead of people watch it is crowds watching as the queue really stretch as the night lingers on.

Tea to start off for everyone, pure Darjeeling tea

Clam Chowder Spaghetti - clams and bacon swimming  in flavorful buttery sauce

Lobster Bisque Spaghetti - No lobsters but small shrimps, tofu and tomatoes submerged in thick tomatoes sauce

Their own creation - Hoshino Sphagetti, a better version fill with sausages, tomatoes, egg plants, vegetables and a half boiled egg.  Light oil, seasoning and sesame seeds round off the dish

Hot chocolate fondant with free flowing lava goes well with softee

Average matcha parfait - Bitter ice-cream paired with red beans and cookie

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