02 May 2014


We shipped back 3 boxes of brown sugar ginger tea cube during our last Taiwan trip where we ordered from Juifen.  The sugar cube tea is easy to make, great to drink.  The ginger tea, famously known as 薑母茶 in chinese, keeps your body warm and works well when you catch a cold, no better way to comfort your body on a cold and rainy day.  Taiwanese women maintain their health by drinking brown sugar ginger tea more than other beverages.

Brown sugar is a warming and nourishing food which promotes qi, alleviates stomach and intestinal discomfort, invigorates blood, removes statis, warms the meridians, disperses cold and relieves pain.  Eating brown sugar, especially for women, during one's menstrual period can help menstrual blood discharge, alleviate cramping, reduce bloating and relieve lower back pain.

Sweet potatoes soup is boiled with brown sugar ginger cubes in place of rock sugar for health benefits

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