03 May 2013


Simple dishes to prepare - fried minced pork with curry leaves and spices, luffa with mushrooms.  Within an hour dinner is on the go

Marinate meat with spicy shrimp paste.  Fry minced garlic, onions and curry leaves till fragrant.  Add in minced meat and fry over high heat and sprinkle in 2 tablespoons of water.  Simmer the meat till thoroughly cook.  Throw in 1 sliced chilly, stir and dish up.

Cut luffa into thick slices (choose small luffa as big ones contain a lot of seeds).  Stir fry garlic and dried prawns.  Add luffa and fresh portabella & straw mushrooms.  Do not add too much water as luffa gives out a lot of water during cooking.  Season with oyster sauce.

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