01 April 2013


The homestay is very near to Zheqiang night market, about 15 minutes walk.  The market is small by size and not many stalls.  It is one of the famous two night markets in Hualien and is crowded during the weekends.  Visits to the night market is one of the entertainments for its people as Hualien has nothing much to offer for night life.

Sold out of banh my only ordinary sandwiches available  -  Disappointed

Famous stall with long queue, had to wait.  A tough choice to make but picked out the unusual ones

Varieties of tea to go with the barbeque

Popular coffin sandwiches.  The mutton was peppery and the chicken was succulent.  Good to eat when hot

Caramelize yam and sweet potatoes fries and could not stop eating

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