29 December 2013


For Christmas Eve dinner, we decided to cook nasi ulum to go with the feast.  Much time is needed to prepare the ingredients as it involves the tedious task in cutting the herbs and shredding the fish.  As not all herbs can be obtained here we used the most common ones like lemon grass stalk, kaffir lime leaves, curry leaves, mint leaves and Thai basil leaves.  Kaffir lime leaves help to bring out the fragrance of the dish.

Ginger flower is one of the herbs used.  Coincidentally I found it in the wet market

Besides the herbal leaves, dried shrimps and belachan chilly are also one of the ingredients for the rice.  Soak shrimps, cut into small pieces and fry till crispy.  Cut all herbal leaves and fresh ginger thinly

Fry ikan kunning till crispy and shred the flesh from the bones.  Make sure the fish is devoid of bones before mixing to the rice

Cook jasmin or basmatic rice.  While still hot mix in the herbs, fried shrimps, fish and herbs.  Mix in the chilly paste.  Squeeze juices from 2 limes to the rice.  Mix all together and season with a dash of pepper

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