18 November 2012


Kuriya Penthouse is located on the 12th floor rooftop garden at Central Orchard.  It is regarded as one of the best Japanese restaurants in town.  The place enables one to indulge in top quality ingredients sourced from Japan and around the whole.  We went for lunch and even though it was lunch time there was quite a crowd.  This shows how popular is the restaurant.

The ambience was quiet and soothing but the spacing of the tables should be further apart

Beautiful and fresh carnations on every table

We ordered the tempting set menu.  The first to serve was the spinach tofu with sweet broth

Colorful set

Soft tofu in clear broth

Stew pork

Fresh sashimi with pea paste

Fresh fried gigantic prawn

Pork cutlet in yozu sauce

Fried almond prawn

Smoke tender cod

Wobbly chiwa mushi with chicken and mushroom

Stew mushrooms with spinach and bonito flakes

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