13 October 2012


Nowadays it is hard to have the whole family together to go for dim sum as with some of the children overseas and working.  A place was booked at Royal China at Raffles Hotel when one of them is back from overseas.  The dim sum is not bad and some of the food is unique compares to other places.

The area is long in shape and the tables are arranged in 3 neat rows spread across the room

While waiting for the food we were attacking the delicious XO sauce

The century egg porridge is full of ingredients.  Enough to share amongst 3 pax

Scallop Siew Mai

Soft fluffy char siew pau.  The filling was moist and full of flavor

Char siew sow was tender and melt in the mouth

Hot flowing salted egg yolk custard

Scallop yam puff

Moist soft steamed custard sponge cake

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