07 October 2012


More eateries are opening in 112 Katong. There are new eateries to savor whenever we are there.  Ramen Play is one of the new Japanese restaurants we discovered recently.

Open kitchen concept fronted by glass panel

Japanese condiments on every table

Chillie sauce and dried prawns, pair well with rice and noodles

Butariki Ishinabe  -  Hot stone pork cutlets rice with omelette

Pork Ishinabe  -  Sliced porks and black fungus with raw egg mixed with rice.  The heat was intense and last till the last grain

Char Shu Miso Ramen  -  Thick flavor broth and al dente noodles served with thin sliced pork belly, vegetables and half an egg

To help digestion :  Green tea yogurt

Super yuzu drink, fresh and delicious

Super yuzu yogurt drink

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