22 September 2012


There is no lack of eateries in Katong, East Coast Road. From 328 laksa stretching all the way to Katong 112, Awfully Chocolate, Saffron Kitchen to Beach Road prawn noodles.  There are 2 popular chicken rice stalls, Boon Tong Kee and 5 Stars, with the later one caters to economy rice and porridge, besides chicken rice.  There are varieties of dishes to choose from and the price is reasonable.

It was a lot of food for 2 persons

Braised duck is a must-have dish.  A big portion for less than half a duck in great herbal sauce

Braised beancurd and tau-pok.  The tau-pok was filled with sauce and oozed out as you bite into it

Flavor fried omelette filled with preserved radish

Soft stew beancurd sticks

Tender vegetables

Stewed soya beans to go with porridge

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