05 March 2011


There are some leftover prawns in the freezer over the Chinese New Year.  I decided to make prawn noodles for a change.  Shell and devein the prawns.  Marinate and put in the fridge for later use.  Wash the shells thoroughly and fry them over high heat with lots of garlic till fragrant.   Put shells in a muslin bag and boil together with soft pork bones and chicken carcass for 2 hours till meat is tender.  In the meantime fry the sliced shallots till brown and crispy and put aside.  When stock is ready add the peeled prawns in the boiling stock.  Ladle up and set aside.  Strain the stock and discard the carcass.

Boil the flat noodles in hot water and rinsed over cold water before adding stock over.  Serve with prawns, ribs pork and kangkong.

The noodles can be served dry with hot sambar.

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