20 March 2011


Going to cinema show was a luxury when I was young and television was not existence at that time.  The only time seeing shows was on Chinese New Yea and during school holidays, which was a rarity.  The cost per ticket was 50 cts to a dollar.  Sometimes there were promotions of 2 shows for  a price of 1 during weekend.  Theaters like Cathay, Lido and Orchid were considered high end and were patronized by expatriates and tickets were expensive. 

One of the weekends we seen "新 少 林 寺" and had a light dinner at Crystal Jade Cafe in Bugis Junction before the show.

Bamboo  shoot in sesame oil and light soya sauce

Cold chicken in shouxin wine - wine fragrance lingers in the mouth

Superior stock encased in the paper skin xiao long bao

Gigantic bowl noodles filled with seaweed, vegetables, mushrooms, pork dumplings and pork rings

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