14 August 2010


We crossed over to Center Point and settled for Thai Food at Lek Thai.

Stir fry asparagus  -  crunchy and tender

Deep fried beancurd  -  careful at first bite as it was super hot

Pineapple rice @ only $4.50, promotional price when you order the fried fish

Whole fish - fried till crispy crunchy but tender flesh

Mango salad accompaniment for the fish.  Sourish and fiery hot - siok

Grill sotong - bouncy & qiu texture

Flavorful tanghoon with fresh springy prawns.  The tanghoon soaked up the prawn flavour

Sweet mango slices and soft tender glutinous rice with aromatic thick coconut cream

Beautiful bright ruby in coconut milk.  A failure as the starch disintegrate as you bite into the chestnuts which should be chewy and qiu.

Overall the lunch cost less than hundred dollars for 4 pax.  No complaint.

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