10 January 2010


A trip to Singapore-HongKong-Beijing-HongKong-Singapore end of December.

Flied out to Hong Kong on Christmas eve morning to soak up 2 days of coldness before embarking on to Beijing from there.  Booked a 4 days 3 nights luxury tour from Hong Kong to Beijing from 26 to 29 December which cost S$600 per person inclusive meal and international breakfast buffet and 5-star hotel stay.  Number of people for the tour is only 21.

Morning flight at 8am and reached Beijing around noon. Weather windy and gray and we were bundled in thick layer of clothing.  Temp at freezing of -4.

Beijing Airport

Hugh oriental screen depicting ancient time.

Super huge airport

On the way to lunch we passed the Army Opera Training School

Meal was 10-course dishes plus beer, soft drinks and tea.

Soya Sauce Stew Pork

Jade Cabbage

Fried Rice

Mixed Mushroom

Fried Egg Tofu

Meatball Soup

Sweet-Sour Fish

Chicken With Vegetables

Fresh fruits to end the meal

One of the many libraries scatter across the capital

After lunch visit to Olympic hub.  Security was tight and everyone had to go through thorough screening before admittance.  A long distance to walk as coaches were not allowed within 3km.

Olympic Stadium

Bird Nest where the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies were held

Very windy and hands were freezing when taking shots

The Bird Nest was transformed into a skiing ring during winter

The men in black were plain clothes police

A popular past time for families

Super architectural design you see in Beijing

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